Upcoming Calendar Events 2019
  1. 18 Feb
    River School of Ministry Resumes
  2. 08 - 09 Feb
    Beloved Conference
​​​The Beloved Women’s Conference is a time of blessing and refreshing. 

We invite you to join us as we embark on this blessed journey together. 

The River Bible School opens for its second year. Please contact the office for more information 

877 5646 (Monday & Thursday 9am - 1pm)
[email protected] 

New Zealand Calendar Events 2019
Please visit for more info
  1. October
    NZ Equip
    Churches in NZ that are partnering with the NCMI team will be gathering for the annual Equip Conference hosted by Faith City Church in Auckland. Please contact the office for details on how to register.

These are the most recent dates available; however, please confirm with the church office before making any firm bookings